The Yes snowboards 2023-Best ultimate reviews

Snowboards have released a new women’s park YES snowboards and entered the Paw Surf realm. Maybe it’s time to let go and explore what this trend is all about. They’re also focusing attention on the designers who created the designs for these snowboards, so since you like the design’s art, they might go look out for the designer who created it.

The YES Basic provides an all-conditions stable, buttery cantered/mountain freestyle ride with exceptional traction in hard-to-slick snow. First, I’ll look at any new boards for the 2022-23 season, as well as any existing 2021-22 boards that aren’t being replaced with a 2023 model.

Shape/Camber/Feeling on Snow/Ability Level

The affirmative Basic has a centred posture and is a real twin. Then you add camber underfoot that extends just past the bindings and transitions swiftly into a gentle early rise. It’s solid, simple to skid a turn on, and really forgiving. From ice to soft snow, stepping off the chair or flat base is simple. As a result, it is a very adaptable mountain freestyle ride in all circumstances.


Yes snowboards have your typical middle-of-the-road flex. The rocker area has a little more flex to it, and at high speeds, you’ll notice some flap, but most of that chatter is gone by the time it enters the camber zone.

Pop On Jumps

Even though the largest jump I hit was a roller, this board bounced off the lip with great ease. Yes snowboards performed exactly what you’d expect them to do, and that’s all you can ask for. This board excels at small to medium jumps, but it can also handle getting to the large line if you suddenly feel like pushing it.

yes snowboard

The YES Basic is not a particularly fast board. When fully waxed, the base glide isn’t great, but the lows are never too low. Yes snowboards have Mountain speed is achievable, but it is far from the bomber.

Carving Experience/Turning

When the edge is committed, Yes snowboards Basic isn’t a carving powerhouse, but it’s a lot of fun for being so forgiving. This helps you to perform a huge variety of turns without difficulty.


This board’s camber portion offers the highest stability. It has a slick moist feel to it, which you notice immediately away. Meanwhile, at high speeds, the tips rattle and flail, especially over rough terrain. Overall, it’s stable where it matters most, underfoot, but keep your knees bent just in case.

Edge Retention

The Yes snowboards Basic has a superb grip that is comparable to full Magnet action. When you combine this with the solid camber profile underfoot, you get a fantastic hard snow mountain freestyle board.


There’s a nice area towards the tips where the camber meets the rocker. When you put your weight on it, it locks in, holds a press, and allows you to go strange on snow. The camber part will challenge you slightly, but not so hard that you have to man manage the board the entire way.

Initiation of a Turn

Very fast edge to edge. The Yes snowboards Basic follows me wherever I need to go, whenever I need to go.


The camber portion contains a lot of loads, which gives this board a lot of pop. It takes some work to get it to load up, but once it does, it rebounds and you’re airborne.


So if you set your stance back in powder, you won’t get the YES Basic. It just isn’t intended for that purpose. Get the Basic Unique or one of the special edition models that are released every year. Get the Standard instead. In powder, it has significantly better directional float. These boards provide 2.25″ back from the centre of the board, whereas the YES Basic only provides -0.75″ at a 22.5″ stance width all the way back. That’s not much. That being said, it performs well when riding centred on board, making it a suitable choice for individuals who like to ride switch in snow. When you get sideways, the camber portion cradles and keeps you without slapping out.


It’s basically the same either way. The only item I like for Switch riding is the YES Greats, which are substantially more expensive. Jibs are extremely feasible, and this has a forgiving elasticity. The pipe is fantastic, and I adore the grip. The YES Basic fits perfectly inside small to medium-sized kickers.

This allows for additional ankle motions to influence how it spins. When it’s on edge, you may lean back or force your knee into the middle of the camber to make it steer more aggressively. Short, fast carves to medium, mellow ones stand out, but you can also lay it over without worrying about tail folding.

  • Alternative Freeride
  • Short/Wide
  • Full Poplar Core
  • Biax
  • Radial Outline

The new Yes snowboards for 2022

yes snowboard 2022


A unique women’s freeride surfboard, is among the new boards for 2022. It’s the female counterpart of a mix of the Jackpot and the Dicey.

Basic Uninc RDM

Apart from the newest Uninc series, the Yes snowboards Basic Uninc offers the same kind of characteristics as the normal basic, with the exception that it is stiffer, has a different core, a sintered base, and is full camber. For those pow days, it also includes slam-back inserts.

420 Uninc JPS

The normal 420 appears to be absent from the 2022 lineup, however, there is this 420 Uninc JPS. However, it differs somewhat from the standard 420 starting in 2021. It utilises Triax glass (Biax on 2021 420), a sintered base, a directional hybrid camber profile, a poplar/paulownia core (against all poplar on 2021 420), and seems to be significantly stiffer (8/10 flex according to Yes snowboards, compared to 5/10 flex for 2021 420). Therefore, it’s a very different animal from the old 420.


The Yes snowboards would rank among this website’s most highly recommended budget rides if they had more pop and setback inserts on board like the Standard. As it is, the park still offers a remarkable variety of mountain freestyle rides.

Despite the moniker “Basic,” even if you can ride, this board does all you need it to. Whether you’re riding your first pow day or your 1000th blue groomer loop, it’s a very approachable board to get the job done. For more Best reviews about Boards visit thetopboards

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