The Top Best Good Skateboard Decks

Good skateboard decks cost more than four times as much as a typical deck. It has a strong aftertaste and is quite light. There are other options available, some of which are more realistic than others because the majority of us do not have that sort of budget.

Skateboards experience extreme pressure and tension, especially on the deck. Over the years, I’ve ridden a lot of different brands that offered something unique, different, or innovative. These boards can be upsetting since I’ve shattered them.

Skateboards made of aircraft-grade aluminum are the toughest. Although incredibly robust, these boards have a challenging ride. A cruiser or penny board made of plastic would benefit from an aluminum design.

1. Cal 7 Skateboard Deck:

Cal 7 Skateboard Deck_

A skateboard deck that provides as many options as Cal 7 does in terms of pure diversity will be difficult to find. Since there are up to 10 different colors, there is a longboard deck color that matches your aesthetic. You might choose a deck that is balanced, cozy, and appealing as a consequence. The deck has a simple design, allowing you to add any designs you choose and letting your inner creativity emerge.

This item is a great choice because it is constructed of wood, despite its attractive style. As a result, it is robust, flexible, and well-balanced. It is made to withstand hard handling and abuse. both mistreatment and abuse

Consider Cal 7 skateboards if you’re looking to purchase a new skateboard at a fair price. They make beginner-friendly premium skateboards in a range of sizes and styles. Whether you want to purchase a skateboard, cruiser, or longboard, Cal 7 has plenty to offer.

Because Cal 7 skateboards come in so many different colors and patterns, you can use your skateboard to express your unique personality. Cal 7 was founded in Southern California in the first part of the 1970s. They are a relatively unrecognized company that has existed since the skateboarding boom that produced a number of successful skateboarding companies and skate superstars. Explain what it means to be in the right place at the right time.

2. Baker Skateboard Deck

Baker Skateboard Deck

Baker Skateboards is a well-known company that produces skateboards with top-notch trucks, wheels, and decks. To help you select the board that best meets your needs, this article will provide you with a full review of all of Baker’s qualities.

The boards made by Baker Skateboards are only made of North American Maple, the preferred wood for durability and strength. Baker is one of the rarest skateboard manufacturers. In 2000, Baker was founded by professional skateboarder Andrew Reynolds and concept artist and cinematographer Jay Strickland. The two distinct Baker Skateboard types are the OG Shape and B2 Squared Nose & Tail. The Original Shape is more responsive and comes in a variety of sizes. The B2, according to Baker, has a superior overall board feel.

This product is a fashionable and well-known deck on the market. It features a monochromatic tone and a specifically designed monochrome pattern. As a result, it sticks out everywhere you carry it. The deck has the popular shape and concave structure that Baker is renowned for manufacturing in its high-quality products. The shape and design of the concave surface give the skater space for their feet. As a result, you’ll probably enjoy how this deck feels under your feet if you’re looking to perform tricks and stunts.

3. Anti-Hero Classic Eagle Skateboard Deck

Anti-Hero Classic Eagle Skateboard Deck

You may fly like an eagle through the skies with this skateboard deck! To ride is to fly. With the help of numerous users’ experiences, I decided to add this deck to our ranking. The deck of this skateboard is well known for both its exceptional qualities and its gorgeous Eagle graphic. The deck has already been drilled; all that is needed to fasten it is the correct positioning of the pins and screws.

Complete building of this stunning deck is rather easy and quick. Nevertheless, it is made of 7-ply layers of solid Canadian Maple wood. As usual, the deck is highly durable and will last much longer than other decks. Even the picture there won’t be very simple to remove if you utilize it properly. With the deck, a free Jessup Grip Tape is provided in the packing.

The deck provides enough support and stability for you to ride on it. After utilizing it, even aggressive skaters gave this amazing features skateboard deck a favorable review. a sophisticated logo with a print that appears polished. Unlike other cards, these are lighter, enabling incredible acrobatics. really simple to put together.

4. Skateboard deck from Santa Cruz

Skateboard deck from Santa Cruz

We are confident that you will appreciate the Santa Cruz Skateboard Deck as much as we do because of its traditional 7-ply bamboo construction, which gives it its sturdy durability. Rob Roskopp and Edmiston Green created a distinctive design for this vintage deck that is a little edgy in all the right ways.

The dimensions of this Santa Cruz board are 9.5 inches wide by 31 inches long. No matter how skillful you are or how your skating appears, this board would still be a terrific fit for you because it is perfectly appropriate for riders and skaters of all skill levels.

I’ve recently examined a few good skateboard decks. I go back to the VX deck more frequently than any other deck. As I write this, I’m going to skate my VX deck. It is the black and orange version I displayed in the image above.

Out of all the skateboard decks, I tried, the Santa Cruz VX skateboard deck was the one I felt most comfortable riding. The version I use is 31.6″ by 8.0″. When I discovered they still had their hardness and pop, I started examining them. That detail, which has always bothered the skateboards I’ve bought, made my skating worse.

5. Moose Old School Skateboard Deck

Good Skateboard Decks Good Skateboard Decks Good Skateboard Decks Good Skateboard Decks Good Skateboard Decks Good Skateboard Decks

Moose Old School Skateboard Deck

Good Skateboard Decks Good Skateboard Decks Good Skateboard Decks Good Skateboard Decks Good Skateboard Decks Good Skateboard Decks Good Skateboard Decks Good Skateboard Decks Good Skateboard Decks Good Skateboard Decks Good Skateboard Decks Good Skateboard Decks

Read moose skateboard reviews to find out more about its benefits.  It weighs 3.6 pounds to make a deck. Additionally, the deck’s top and bottom are made of ordinary wood. It’s very simple to read because the green board looks like a skateboard with green grip tape. The ease of handling this deck makes it ideal for finding your rhythm. This moose old-school deck is great for skating! It exudes a rustic vibe and is incredibly easy to appreciate thanks to all the small details.

What type of skateboard deck should I purchase?

Experience with the product in the past helps choose the right deck. Depending on how aggressively you skate, decks will shatter and be torn down. Different boards will feel differently. If you’re at a store, walk side to side while standing on the decking.

The big Fault we can do is select a good skateboard deck that is too thin or wide for your requirements. Until you make another purchase, you’ll have to live with that choice. Spend some time determining what is actually comfortable.

How can I prevent the deck of my skateboard from cracking?

When you land, make sure your feet are over the pickup’s bolts. That can take some practice, so take some time to become comfortable with where your feet should be while practicing landing over your bolts before you ollie off anywhere high off the ground. Perform your stunts on a level surface, and make sure your feet land above the truck bolts. You should practice landing over your bolts until it seems natural.

What should I take into account while buying a skateboard deck?


The length of all typical skateboards is essentially uniform. The width is the dimension that matters most when contrasting skateboard deck sizes. Most decks measure between 7.5 and 8.5 inches in width. Smaller, lighter cards are easier to flip whereas wider decks appear to be more durable. Because transitions like bowls, ramps, and pipes benefit from a broad, solid base, the majority of transition skaters will go for a board between 8.38 and 8.5 inches. Street skaters favor shorter, lighter boards that are easier to flip, usually between 7.5-8 inches in length.


Because they are the most adaptable and can be used for carving bowls, riding vert, flip tricks, grinds, slides, and other street skating techniques, most skaters choose standard-shaped skateboard decks. However, it is also possible to get extra-wide cruiser-type boards that have short, tapered noses and big tails in the traditional form. These are useful for getting from A to B, particularly when paired with large, soft wheels. They are mostly useful for transitions but not great for flip tricks.

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