Top 10 Most Expensive Skateboards in the World

In the 1980s, skateboarding became popular, and its growth in popularity has continued ever since. Beginners could merely be happy to obtain their first skateboard, while expert skaters are searching for a specific model with a design that will improve their advanced abilities. True purists who have developed a strong enthusiasm for something don’t mind shelling out thousands of dollars for a unique or one-of-a-kind design. We were excited, so we discovered the top 10 most expensive skateboards in the world, the facts of which may surprise you.

1.   Bob Dylan Blowin’ & Jamie Thomas Expensive Skateboards – $38,425

Bob Dylan Blowin’ & Jamie Thomas Skateboard

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The Tony Hawk charity event included the most expensive skateboard in the world as well. The most expensive skateboard ever made was the product of a collaboration between Jamie Thomas and Bob Dylan.

The board bears Jamie Thomas’ signature and handwritten lyrics to Bob Dylan’s popular song, “Blowin’ in the Wind.” The board was the priciest and most-talked-about skateboard ever sold, selling for a staggering $38,425.

The deck along with several other such things up for online auction as part of a campaign of great popularity by Grammy Award-winning singer Ben Harper to assist the Tony Hawk Charity’s development of free public skate parks in disadvantaged communities.

2.  Bucky Lasek & Adam Yauch Four Duck Set – $35,000

Bucky Lasek & Adam Yauch Four Duck Set

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The sale of these four decks as part of Tony Hawk’s auction helped to earn money for the construction of new skateparks. The decks contain the words to the Beastie Boys’ song. This skateboard is the second most costly in the world since apparently, some skate lovers couldn’t resist the offer.

Bucky owned and used one of the skateboards in the collection, but the other three were completely new. Just before he tragically went away in May 2012, Adam Yauch inscribed a lyric from the Beastie Boys’ song “Bodhisattva Vow” on each of the three new skateboards in March 2012.

The skatepark project in New York City, where Adam Yauch is from, was made possible by the sale of the set of boards for £35,000.

3. Tony Hawk’s Personal Beatles’ Blackbird” Board-$27,116

Tony Hawk’s Blackbird Expensive Board

Tony Hawk once had the third most expensive skateboard in the whole world. To generate money for a worthwhile cause, he bought something at a charity event. The words of the Beatle’s song “Blackbird” are shown on the board.

During a fundraiser event with the Tony Hawk Foundation to collect money for free public skateboard parks in low-income neighborhoods, the skateboard was put up for sale. Several professional skaters and artists collaborated to make one-of-a-kind boards for the Boards + Bands event. All of the $27,116 that was raised from the sale of the item was donated to a worthy charity.

So, this was a real board that belonged to Tony Hawk and had lyrics on the bottom that were penned by Paul McCartney. It was a skateboard that was auctioned on eBay of all places to benefit a charity that the professional skater himself founded.

4. The Supreme Mundi Skateboard – $20,000

The Supreme Mundi Expensive Skateboard

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The skate brand Supreme is well known for being pricey just for the purpose of being pricey. This specific skateboard isn’t really a skateboard at all; rather, the firm transformed a painted artist’s palette into a skateboard.

This distinctive skateboard was not created by Supreme. Additionally, The Supreme Mundi was really skated on the Lower East Side sidewalks, proving it is in fact a completely functional skateboard even if it didn’t seem plausible.

At $20K, this one was previously said to be the priciest in the entire world. This astounding sum was paid for it in an eBay auction. Adrian Wilson, a British artist, created it. The skateboard is evidence of the $450 million Salvador Mundi auction. Although it is a completely working skateboard, we doubt that it is ever used because it is such a rare and expensive collector’s item.

5. Golden Skateboard – $15,000

Golden Most Expensive Skateboard

The Golden Skateboard is unquestionably a fascinating object. The skateboard was made by a father and son team who runs a jewelry store in New York. One day, they made the simple decision to wrap the entire board with solid gold. It is totally covered in 99%  pure electroplated gold. It is a fully working skateboard even though it appears to be something that should be put in a display box for protection.

To be honest, this is one of the few skateboards that truly merit the title of being among the most costly in the world. Every nook and corner is literally covered with gold.

It actually has a mirrored finish, and the only way to handle it has been using archival gloves made of pure cotton to prevent smudging the lovely sheen. This model weighs 9 pounds and is 31.5 inches in length by 8 inches in width, making it heavier than the typical skateboard.

6. Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp Skateboard-14800

Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp Skateboard

Perhaps even more well-known now as the CEO of Santa Cruz Bicycles than in contemporary skating circles is skating icon Rob Roskopp. His firm has been creating high-quality sports bicycles for fans since 1994, and its full-suspension bikes use Virtual Pivot Point technology or VPP.

Recently, a 1984 vintage original skateboard that was in N.O.S. sold for $14,800 including delivery. The skateboard is a Rob Roskopp 1 with the same complete grip that it has had since the 1980s. Although this board’s N.O.S. or like-new old deck drives up its price at auction, the deck is coated with plastic gear. The pricing didn’t seem to be affected by the fact that the original nose guard was a touch janky.

7. Santa Monica Airlines Natas Kaupas – $7,250

Santa Monica Airlines Skateboard

Natas Kaupas, a skater, designed the artwork for these uncommon valuable boards based on a Frank Frazetta picture, a popular artist at the time the board was manufactured in 1988. The oil painting simply named “Black Panther” served as the inspiration for Kaupas’ design for the Santa Monica Airlines board. It includes a Tarzan- and Conan-inspired jungle guy, as well as a black panther scaling a tree.

A skateboard that has become a rare collector recently sold on AOS for an astounding $7,250 for a model that was in pristine condition. This Kaupas illustration was motivated by a Frank Frazetta painting. If you can find a Santa Monica Airlines Natas Kaupas board, especially one in excellent shape, you will have something of worth.

Currently recognized as one of the first generations of professional street skateboarders, as we currently understand them, in addition to being an award-winning surfer,

8. Rip City “No Net Ever” Black Flag – $7,000

Rip City Black Flag skateboard

This expensive skateboard is evocative of the skater scene in California. It honors the extreme punk group Black Flag. Greg Ginn’s brother Raymond Pettibon, a musician, created the artwork for the deck. This Rip City issue, which was published in 1984, has managed to achieve the seventh-highest price ever paid.

Given that Raymond Pettibon is the brother of Black Flag musician Greg Ginn, it should not be surprising that Pettibon created the “No Net Ever” board.

The board’s construction is rather straightforward. The fact that this board is so hard to get and holds a lot of significance in Venice Beach skate culture is what really draws people in. In perfect condition, it is worth over $7,000.

9. Super Board Custom SkateBoard – $5,686

Super Board Custom SkateBoard

This skateboard is intended for skilled skaters who only settle for the finest in their equipment. Even though the Super Board custom skateboard costs  $5686, it is composed of the highest-grade hard rock maple.

The brand has been around for a while and has established a great reputation for performance and quality. Not only is this one of the priciest skateboards available, but it’s also one of the greatest, and it can be customized.

10. The Louis Vuitton White Water-color Skateboard – $4,800

White Water-color Skateboard

It appears that there are designer skateboards. Given how many individuals purchase luxury clothing and accessories as a part of their lifestyle, I think they would have to be. This designer deck is completely functional and composed of high-quality wood that should sustain the majority of users quite well. 

This specific board has the iconic LV emblem that most consumers associate with the company along with a watercolor springtime theme. This is great if you want something stylish and feminine.

The Expensive Skateboards? (Ultimate Guide)

Due to their brand, design, size, form, and place of manufacturing, skateboards may be rather costly. A skateboard’s cost is influenced by the board’s quality, design, and construction material. Your board will cost more the more expensive the material that was utilized to build it.

One of the main factors contributing to skateboards’ high price is brand value. The most crucial element in determining a skateboard’s pricing is its brand name. The higher the price, the better the brand is, and vice versa.

Deck wood is the most costly component of a skateboard. Any skateboard’s deck serves as its structural support and is where you stand to balance while skating. A board made of higher-quality wood will be more stable for you to skate on, whereas a board made of lower-quality wood may wobble or feel unstable.

Skateboards are pricey because of the expensive wheels and trucks. The skateboards are pricey in part due to their size and form. Stickers and artwork come in a variety of forms, dimensions, and hues. There are also some personalized stickers that you can order for your board to give it a more distinctive appearance.

It can cost more if you want a specific sticker or image on your board. Skateboards are handcrafted, which accounts for their high cost. Each skateboard is expertly constructed. Making a skateboard requires a lot of time, work, and talent.

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