Top Best 7 Foot Surfboard Ultimate Reviews 2023

A 7 foot surfboard may be entertaining for so many individuals, including smaller people, kids, beginners, and advanced surfers. There have been just a few major elements that might encourage you to choose 7 feet. The first factor is your height; if you are shorter than roughly 5’6″, such a size surfboard may unquestionably be more straightforward to maneuver inside the water than a truly long board and easier to carry to the beach.

This is because they are physically easier to wrap your arms around. Additionally, since they are lighter due to their lower length, carrying them won’t be as difficult. As a result, even if you are a larger beginner, surfboards should still float you mostly on water. We also enjoy that the majority of our options are approved until at least 200 lbs.

 The second factor to take into account is your degree of skill. Beginner to intermediate surfers should utilize 7-footers since they are simpler to paddle and operate yet they are big enough to assist you to catch ripples more easily and provide high durability when you are upright. Although we don’t want to categorize these boards, their smaller size and ease of catching waves make them particularly excellent for teaching beginners.

 In conclusion, these boards are excellent for enhancing your surfing abilities and also making things a little deal simpler.

Longboards (starting at around 9 feet) are great for surfers of all skill levels, but some beginners and intermediate surfers may find them to be too big. The 7-foot surfboard is a fantastic choice if that is the case. Many of the advantages are still present without the full size. We are sure that when you are on the ocean aboard one of these 7-footers, you will adore them the same way we do.

Moreover, given the number of 7ft surfboards on the market, selecting the appropriate one can be a challenge. Fortunately, we did the homework for you. Join us as we examine some of the top 7-foot surfboards available today.

4 Best 7-Foot Surfboard

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A relatively lightweight board with a 7-foot length, the Thurso Surf Aero is built for optimal stability. For novices, the egg form is extremely sturdy, which is fantastic. The board also has a soft foam top, which again adds some safety for falls of the novice variety that can happen to even the most experienced surfers.

Having a wipeout is fun That will be made easier by the included leash! The heat bonded High-Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE = fancy polymer) for the slick bottom is exceptionally durable, while its IXPE soft top foam above the EPS core is likewise built to last, despite the fact that these boards are lightweight.

The fins on this wonderful beginner surfboard may be adjusted as you improve to help you fine-tune your performance. It’s one of the greatest surfboards for beginners since its minimal weight makes it easy for even the smallest surfers to carry it across the sand to the waves.

2  Wavestorm 7-Foot Surfboard

Wavestorm 7-Foot Surfboard

One of the most popular and well-known boards available is the Wavestorm 7ft Pinline Classic. Many, many newcomers have visited our message boards for the first time. They make particularly excellent surfboards for children, but they also make excellent boards for adult beginners Wavestorm’s 7-foot surfboard has the following measurements: 7′ x 22″ w x 3″ thick; it weighs 10.2 lbs, and its volume is 70 liters.

The foam core’s stiffness, strength, and integrity are provided by the triple-stringer system. unique ultraviolet-inhibiting soft graphic deck, together with a solid, high-density slick bottom. Leash and tail pad for enhanced rear foot traction. Three fin set incorporated is a tripled power 4.5 fin set up for increased maneuverability Your will not be disappointed with the Wavestorm if you want to surf.

3 South Bay Board Co. Ruccus 7′

South Bay Board Co. Ruccus 7'

We mentioned the Ruccus in our piece on surfboard shapes and will do so one more here as it is such a fantastic board! That surfboard is for little surf, catching some waves as effortlessly as any surfboard.

The funboard designs have affected the form, making it broad and sturdy, and suitable for both children and experienced novices.

We also prefer the soft top deck since it provides additional safety because novices occasionally fall off. Additionally, this board has its own leash for when you fall off.

Moreover, we appreciate that it is wax-free, allowing you to go surfing with less worry.

Again, it’s a fantastic size for little folks to carry about on the ground and paddle around in the water.

This is a little detail, but it’s excellent for beginners. The board’s tail has been flattened to make it simple to store vertically without harming it. The minor things and the large things (excellent for tiny surf, stable) combine up to a wonderful board.

4 BIC Sport G-Board EVO 7

BIC Sport G-Board EVO 7

Another amazing board is the 7-foot Bic Sport G-Board Evo. It has two stringers rather than three, which makes it somewhat less rigid than our other suggestions, but it retains the identical EPS core and soft top.

Because of the board’s softer fins, which somewhat reduce control in the surf but greatly improve maneuverability on land by reducing the risk of the fins slamming into objects, we advise using it only in smaller waves.

Overall, since it makes it simple to grab waves and ride waves to your heart’s content, this is a pretty wonderful starting board.

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