The Best Skateboards Accessories

Skateboards accessories

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Skateboards Accessories Skateboards Accessories Skateboards Accessories Skateboards Accessories Skateboards Accessories Skateboards Accessories

Parking Block

Parking Block for Skateboard Storage-Portable Stand

The Parking Block skateboard stands enable users to safely and securely store their boards. It is convenient to use at home, in class, or at the office.

Keep a Parking Block handy or carry one with you at all times; it’s the perfect skateboarder accessory. The Parking Block skateboard stand is composed of tough plastic and has extra molded-in rubber strips to keep your board in place. The skateboard stand has rubber strips on both the stand and the legs to protect the board from sliding about. No mounting or drilling is required! It works on any flat surface. Storage space for accessories is included. Can handle longboards and penny boards horizontally.

 Parking Block Rotary

Parking Block Rotary Turntable 4-Up Skateboard Stand.

The updated version of the 4-Up skateboard stand has better geometry to securely handle up to four skateboards.

A rotating turntable has also been incorporated for quicker access to your boards. And the rubber over-molded guide slots protect your boards while also holding them more firmly.
This lightweight, portable stand is suitable for street and vert decks as well as most longboards.
Keeps filthy wheels away from walls, resulting in fewer scratches, dents, and markings.
The design is lightweight for increased mobility, sturdiness is ensured, and installation is straightforward.

Skater Trainers

Skater Trainers -Skateboards Accessories.

SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES. Beginners enjoy how quickly they can learn techniques. TEENS like impressing their peers with their abilities. Adult skaters who are returning to the sport after a lengthy absence enjoy not falling.

Wheel diameters range from 48mm to 70mm, with 52mm, 53mm, and 54mm being the most prevalent trick wheels. They are EASY to stretch over your wheels and are also VERY TOUGH, surviving as long as you can.

Skateboard tricks happen in a split second. Even the most simple techniques require multiple stages to be completed fast. Without having to worry about your skateboard falling out or rolling away, it is much easier to figure out the steps and focus on your coordination. This makes it so much easier for young, children to know to skateboard.

Skateboard Griptape Cleaner

Skateboard Griptape Cleaner

Dirt remover gummy cube can keep your grip tape looking new. The cube is 4.5″ x 1.5″ x 1.5″. The diamond dirt remover is soft while heated and firm when cold, yet it performs the same function! It may not remove tough debris.

Grime Remover is used to remove dust and dirt from grip ape. Apply a lot of pressure as you rub the bar across the grip tape in long, strong strokes.

There is no need to let Black Diamond Dirt Remover sit or wait for it to work! Return to shredding after cleaning your grip.

By employing a pleasant hand-held style, Black Diamond Dirt Remover adapts the sanding belt cleaner principle to skateboard grip.

Skateboard Backpack

Skateboard Backpack

Made of high-density and water-repellent polyester fabric, this item will not get wet and will last a long time. The baggage/suitcase strap on the back is ideal for sliding over the luggage tube and firmly attaching it to your rolling luggage for simpler transportation.

You don’t have to carry the backpack on your back, which means less strain on your shoulders and back when you’re out and about.

An adjustable shoulder strap distributes the weight of the bag and is pleasant to use. The baggage/suitcase strap on the back is ideal for slipping over the luggage tube and firmly attaching it to your rolling luggage for simpler transportation.

Skateboard Wall Hanger

Skateboard Wall Hanger 

There is no board included.
The separation of the two branches is adjustable and pliable. It may be expanded or gripped to fit your skateboard. Please visit our site if you want to buy different racks that are not pliable and flexible. Other skateboard racks are also available from us.
Our rack weighs ten pounds and is composed of metal. Maintain a firm grip on your skateboard without wavering. No more than ten pounds Please check our shop if your board weighs more than 10 pounds. We sell racks that can accommodate both heavy and long skateboards.