Top 5 Best Snowboard for buttering-ultimate reviews 2023

In the realm of snowboarding, there are several varieties of butter, including nose roll, tripod, bagel, and pretzel. Butter, as a general term, describes a few ground moves that include a lot of pushing, spinning, and switch riding.

Buttering is a tonne of fun and is definitely one of the finest foundational snowboarding moves. Buttering can be done anywhere on the mountain since it can be done on a flat ground; there is no requirement for a kicker, jumps, etc. I’ll offer some of my thoughts on how to choose a snowboard that’s ideal for butter in this article.

You will learn about the top cheese boards of the year 2023 in this article. Around the world, Snowboard for buttering comes in a variety of forms, including tripod, pretzel, nose roll, bagel, and a number of others. Buttering often refers to ground techniques that include a lot of switch riding, spinning, and pushing.

Top Best Snowboard for Buttering:

Salomon Huck Knife Snowboard for Buttering

Salomon Huck Knife snowboard

The Huck Knife might be the right board for you if you want to carve between bursting over lips, ollying around rollers, and Snowboard for buttering their trip down the slopes.  It’s not really for beginners because it’s intermediate and up the board. You must have a significant amount of mountain experience before riding this beast.

The day I rode, there wasn’t a lot of the deep stuff,  but whatever I could get a floating feeling over felt good on the Huck Knife. It won’t ever be a powder hound, but it can live there. This authentic park board features a traditional blunt design and has been technologically enhanced for improved park performance.

The Huck Knife Pro is equipped with a variable flex, a lightweight design, and greater pop, making it capable of handling any feature. Get ready for rails, tree jibs, park jumps, side hits, and infinite tricks.

The Salomon Huck Knife Snowboard for Buttering’s lively and nimble nature in paw was enhanced by the aggressive qualities of camber combined with rocker on the tip and tail. In comparison to standard camber, a quad camber is designed using a combination of multiple radiuses and is more forgiving while retaining pop and responsiveness. Individual tip/tail lengths, symmetrical core profile, flex, and a centered binding stance for freestyle.

Package Weight‎12 Pounds
Brand Name‎Salomon
Suggested Users‎Mens

Capita Horrorscope Snowboard 

Capita Horrorscope Snowboard 

Poppy lightweight core with no finger joints or imperfections for consistent elasticity. Biaxial top and bottom with custom weights boost strength and durability. A high-performance plant that has been reconstituted has been infused.

This adaptable running foundation, which is precision forged for excellent abrasion resistance and an exceptionally smooth glide, is the new benchmark in the intruded base material.

With this Snowboard for Buttering twin reverse “Flat Kick” freestyle form, ABS 1000 sidewall, and increased contact areas, you can easily conquer any hurdles that stand in your way. The board’s blunt profile and moderately short tail and tip let you evenly distribute the swing weight without suffering performance penalties.

The Horrorscope is a necessary addition to your vacation quiver. It can do enormous things and is entertaining, nimble, and simple to ride. The Horrorscope remains one of the best and greatest demanded urban and playground boards inside the gaming and also has a decent reputation.

This Snowboard for Buttering lets you shrink down without sacrificing performance because of its retro blunted design and shorter tip and tail for less swing weight. The Horrorscope has been enhanced with a sturdy FSC Dual Core for more power, pop, and longevity. The Horrorscope Snowboard for Buttering, which is always changing, now has a longer minimum curving zone forefoot for a much freeride feel.

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎67 x 12 x 3 inches
Package Weight‎12 Pounds
Brand Name‎CAPiTA
Color‎Horrorscope – 145cm
Suggested Users‎Mens
Size‎145 cm

Nitro Optisym Snowboard

Nitro Optisym snowboard

Any rider looking for a snowboard for buttering that can butter nicely but also quickly shreds up the entire terrain park should choose the Nitro Optisym. With this board’s urban flex, you can press, butter, and hit any park feature without being concerned that you’ll lose edge control or reaction.

To offer you a lot of snap and reaction, it also boasts a Power Core II with poplar and beech wood stringers. When practicing new maneuvers in the park, they are useful to have underfoot. This one won’t provide you with incredible all-mountain performance, but that wasn’t exactly its goal.

The Magnum provides the ideal balance of width, Power Pods, support, reaction, and flex to let you continue to take your game up all over the mountain. A large foot shouldn’t be a barrier to advancement or deep carves. Sintered Speed Formula HD Base, Bi-lite Laminates, Power Pods, Powerlite Core, and Reflex Core Profile.

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎66.93 x 12.6 x 3.94 inches
Package Weight‎3 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎4 x 10 x 62 inches
Item Weight‎1 Pound
Brand Name‎Nitro

Capita Ultrafear Snowboard

Capita Ultrafear Snowboard

For experienced Snowboard for Buttering riders who desire a little more responsiveness when bouncing around the terrain park, this one is a little stiffer than a rigid freestyle/buttering board.

Additionally, you receive a Dual Blaster V2 core, which makes use of thin wood strips to provide consistent flex along the whole length of the board. This is a reliable design element for effective buttering. The drawback of this choice is that it doesn’t have a very gentle flex, making it a little harder to butter the board on its tip or tail.

The board is a poppy board that is really lightweight and may make your ride enjoyable. This board is ideal for snowboarders who want to attempt the best snowboard for buttering technique. It provides more stability and may also be utilized for carving techniques, so even those who enjoy freestyle can use it. It costs a little more but has all of Ultrafear’s features.

Package Weight‎12 Pounds
Brand Name‎CAPiTA
Color‎Ultrafear – 149cm
Suggested Users‎Mens

Bataleon Fun. Kink Snowboard

Bataleon Fun. Kink Snowboard

Given that it has a long nose, it may be classified as a twin board (99% of the time). It has a snout that is around 1 cm long. It gives you the sensation of a rocker and guards against mistakes you could make while riding. The technology used by the board has three bases and is highly sturdy. It is a lot of pleasure to ride on and smooth as butter because of the gentle flex. Although the base is extruded, it is easily repairable if necessary.

If you work hard and learn to get used to it, the snowboard for buttering is great and will let you enjoy the ride if you are in deep slush. Bataleon Fun is one of the funniest snowboards for men who want to have a good time while buttering. Kink lives up to its name in every way. This Snowboard for Buttering, which is a great option for both novice and experienced riders, is constructed with a dual triple base technology and an inventive sidekick.

It is simpler to do acrobatics and begin turns on this board thanks to its mild concave camber profile, 99 percent twin shape, and modest side uplift on the tail and nose. This board has a flex rate of 4/10, making it torsionally supple and easy to ride with above-average butter and push abilities as well as smooth spinning off the rails.

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎61 x 9.8 x 1 inches
Package Weight‎6.95 Pounds
Brand Name‎Bataleon

What Snowboards to Pick for Buttering?

Snowboard for Buttering is only possible on a snowboard with sufficient experience and, most importantly, the proper snowboard to support your freestyling tricks and maneuvers. However, how can you choose the “correct” buttering snowboard? Continue reading to learn more.


The bases of most snowboards are typically either sintered or extruded. While an extruded base is less expensive and easier to repair than a sintered base, the latter retains the wax more securely.

High-molecular extruded bases are commonly found on freestyle boards used for spinning and buttering because they are robust, maneuverable, and little maintenance.

Profile and Shape

For buttering and other freestyle techniques, a snowboard profile with a rocker or a hybrid camber is typically chosen. Typically, a snowboard with a slope in the middle and rock just at the head and tail of the snowboard makes it easy to spin swiftly and transition quickly from edge to edge.

Your snowboard may give a powerful execution and a superb performance in the snow thanks to its specific design and a real twin construction.


 Flex, sometimes referred to as board stiffness, impacts how stable and lively your board is. It is generally advisable to use a softer flex snowboard while buttering. This is because a snowboard with a lower flex is more forgiving, enables you to enjoy yourself and spin for a bit longer, and makes buttering much simpler. For better freestyle executions, it is typically advised to choose a snowboard with a soft-to-medium flex in the center and a more powerful nose and tail.


In general, a longer board weighs more and requires more effort, especially when doing freestyle maneuvers like spinning, jibbing, and buttering. Because it provides simple steering and enables you to spin and do other tricks smoothly, a snowboard that is a little bit shorter (2-4 cm shorter than the conventional snowboard length) is a much better alternative for smooth buttering. Shorter lengths are less in weight and enable greater jumps and dexterous trick completion.


Moving on to the board’s breadth, it’s important to pick a snowboard that only provides you with enough space to stand freely, comfortably, and with sufficient stability.

If the board is too wide, it will be difficult for you to maintain a firm grasp, and if it is too narrow, you won’t have enough room to properly balance yourself. Make sure your board has enough surface area, particularly for buttering and other tricks.

How does buttering work?

Craig Kelly, a professional snowboarder, was on his board. His pals said that it appeared as though he was buttering bread when they saw him riding a board. This is how Buttering acquired its name.

Other names for it are flatland, ground trickery, and flat ground. The term “buttering” refers to the same method under all of these titles.


To sum up, the type of rider you are and the freestyle moves you intend to perform ultimately determine which snowboard to buy. While there are many possibilities on the market, we have chosen just the best for you in the hopes that this article will assist you in finding the finest buttering snowboard that satisfies all of your demands and criteria for freestyling.

And when you have determined whatever is best for you, put in lots of practice and learn the fundamentals so that when you eventually touch the ice, you can butter with assurance and charm!

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